Welcome to Burst’s documentation!

A burst of providers.


  • Fast, very fast
  • Compatible with Magnetic/Magnetizer, but disable the Elementum Connector
  • Can extract providers, parsers and settings from Magnetic
  • No extra add-ons to install, all providers are included
  • No extra service running in the background
  • Easy settings to enable or disable providers and filters
  • First-class support with Elementum, and only Elementum (don’t even ask)
  • Simple definitions-based architecture with overrides
  • Clean, PEP8 compliant code


IMPORTANT: Disable the Magnetic Elementum Connector before anything else.

Get the latest release from https://burst.surge.sh and Install from zip within Kodi, or install the add-on from the Elementum Repository if you already have Elementum installed.


  • @mancuniancol for all his work on Magnetic, this add-on wouldn’t have been possible without him.
  • All the alpha and beta testers that led to the first stable release.